Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ok, we got another Mud Run under our belts. We fielded two 5-man teams, and an individual runner. We also had an all female team this year. Deb, Hollee, Tiffany, Veronica, and Kathy. After several delays at getting started, the women were off. They started off around the back of the pack but quickly moved up on the initial run before the first obstacle. They disappeared off into the distance. They were still in dry clothes and all smiles when we last saw them. The men were up next. Once they finally let us go, we took off. They changed the course up a little this year. There was about a 1 1/2 to 2 mile run to the first obstacle. Horshack, Jimmy, and I were together for the majority of the initial run. Daryl and Smitty weren't far behind us. Horshack picked it up and starting pulling away from us. I started feeling my boots wearing away at my left heal. A word of advice, double up on the socks when running in boots. The size of the raw spot on the inside of my left heel is about the size of quarter, at least. The first water obstacle came and we caught several of those youngsters with the ROTC. Actually passed them at one point. Don't think they were too happy about the old guys passing them. :) As we came off the cargo net, I could hear the women yelling for us. They were held up at the mud pit, in a huge line. Of course, that got Jimmy and I to pick up the pace. We finally caught the women at the stairway to heaven. They were moving right along. Well, we finished, as a team. We came in at about 1 hour and 13 minutes. Allen SWAT caught us on the last hill and beat us by about 30 seconds. We took second place in the Uniformed Division. The women finished not to far behind us. We were all a muddy mess. Once all the results are posted, I'll update the times and have some pics to put on here.