Monday, September 21, 2009

What Would You Run 1000 Miles For

I received an e-mail asking that question. The story of the e-mail talks about Pat Conzemius, from Wildlife Forever, who is running 1000 miles to help with Wildlife Conservation. He has a goal set, and a good cause to run for. I have a cousin who is a huge part of Team In Training, who run to raise money to fight Leukemia & Lymphoma. He runs like there is no tomorrow. And for a great cause. What I like about a lot of the races I have run in, they all donate a large portion of their proceeds to different foundations to either help find the cure for a disease, or support unfortunate families. If you are someone who can't seem to find a good reason to get motivated to run, look at what these folks have done with their spare time. Not only are they getting in shape but, they are doing it for good causes. Since I started recording my mileage, back in Jan of 2007, I am about to cross the 3000 mile mark. So, get motivated, and get out there and get in shape by running for a cause. Help others out.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Football is Here!!!

Good first week of football!!! The Buckeyes squeaked out a win against Navy. And the Steelers win in OT against Tennessee. Got in an 8-miler today. Time was 63:43. Not to bad I think. Felt good on the run. Feel like I'm getting back into it and my knees are feeling much better. Still looking at the half marathon here in Wynne in November. Then I have the Cowtown Marathon, in Ft worth, in Feb. Buckeyes against usc tonight. TIME FOR SOME PAYBACK!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mud Run Arkansas Style

I just found a new Mud Run race here in Arkansas. Only a 5K but, looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I can convince a bunch of the guys at work to join me in it!! October 4th!! Let's get dirty!!! You hear me Barrett???

New Week

Ok, Labor Day starts a new week and a new attitude. Feeling much better, gotta get motivated. Just knocked out a 5-mile run in 40:01. Thanks Cuz for the encouraging words. November is coming fast and I promised I'd do at least the Half Marathon here in Wynne. So, back on track.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


New month, haven't run yet. Been almost a week since I have run. Got a Summer cold that is kicking my butt. Not good. Hoping to be over it soon so I can get back to running. This really sucks. One issue (or excuse) after another.