Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here we are, the first week of Dec. Getting ready to go for my long run of the week, 14 miles. Was in training all week so, I didn't get in a lot of road time while I was there. I do know one thing, OC Pepper Foam is no joke!! My training was for less lethal munitions. With that said, we had to get sprayed with OC. I got the pleasure of experiencing the pepper foam. Holy Crap!!! The person that came up with that stuff must be a sadistic bastard!! Took me at least two days before I could see straight again. They say they make a pepper spray designed to ward off bears. Supposed to be 10 times stronger than the current pepper spray. Needless to say, it is against the law to use it on hunmans. I CAN SEE WHY!!!! Oh well, off to my run.