Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Looking back on the goals I had set for the year of 2012. Well, goals are set to be reached or adjusted. They are never set to be defeated. If you let your goals get defeated, there is no need to set them as you will never be in a positive state of mind. I had a goal of running 2000+ miles this year. I hit 200 miles in one month and never saw anything close to that again. So, with that being said, I will adjust my goal to reach at least 1500 miles in 2012. I'm almost to 1000 miles, which I plan to reach by the end of August. That will leave me with four full months to complete this goal. Setting my goal at 1500 also allows me to reach that goal and beyond. I look forward to the challenge as I have brought some new friends into the mix. I have a new Lieutenant working for me who is really wanting to get involved in several of the races I have signed up for. We are running the Heart & Sole half marathon in Sept. I should be able to convince him to run at leat the half marathon at MidSouth in Nov. We are looking at a Ragnar relay race in the near future as well. I have come to the realization that speed is not always the necessity. Just getting the miles in seems to be the main drive now. Another goal I have is really non-running related. We've been here in Arkansas for around 3 1/2 years now. Been away from Lompoc, CA since 1997. The time has come for me to work on getting Deb closer to home. She made the sacrifice of moving away from her family to follow me in my career. I promised her, in 1997, to get her back to California. Here we are, 15 years later and it is time to work on getting back that way. My girls are Cali girls by heart. Cali is my second home. Ohio will always be where I'm from. The Ohio Sate Buckeyes will always be my team. However, I will be a West Coast fella. Looking forward to running many marathons out West and just enjoying life. Come back here often as, once we get back out that way, I will flood this page with race results and preparations. Stay tuned my friends! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just a Run

With Deb and Amy out in California for two weeks, I thought I would get out early in the morning for my daily runs. Saturday's group run has been the only time I have accomplished this feat. Met up with 4 other Mucka friends to run at Village Creek State Park. Running out there is very peaceful. Minimal traffic, always a chance of seeing wildlife, and just beautiful scenery. Today, Jody Hodges and I set off to take on the hills. Not what I was hoping for but, with my upcoming half marathon on Sept 29, in Jonesboro, I need to keep attacking the hills at least once a week. We also had Sherry and Donna out there. Sherry typically runs with Deb when the group meets up. No Deb today. :( I think Sherry was close to tears. LOL! She and Donna set off together. Donna's little legs were turning over as best she could but, Sherry pulled away from her. I have to say, this is one of the stronger runs I've seen Sherry have in some time. Proud of her. Donna fought through the four miles she ran, not to mention she took on the big hill by the visitor's center. We had a new runner join us today. Joshua Berry is his name. I recognized his name but, wasn't sure why. Then Jody informed me that he had run our Mucka Mania race. He followed Jody and I up the hill toward the cabins and camper areas. He turned in a 7-miler. As Jody and I made our way through the the camp ground/horse stable area, a weenie dog rushed us. He had evil in his eyes and he went straight for Jody. Jody tried to hurdle him but, that damn weenie dog got some good air time and almost bit him! Fortunately for the pup, his owner was close by and rescued him just before he got punted by Jody. I had to stop and just laugh at the whole thing. Now, it is still Summer time, and this time of the year in Arkansas can get rather hot and humid. My dumbass did not run with water today. Don't think I wasn't looking for water fountains as we ran through the various campgrounds. But, no such luck. Once again, lessons learned. Just need to make it lessons adgered to. I think we still rocked out a great run with the hills and heat. We were around a 7:27 pace when we came off the last downhill. I had to back it down a bit and Jody pressed on. I was about 20 seconds behind him when we finished the 6-miles. I'll take it. I'm about 10 years older than him. LOL! All-in-all, great group run this morning. A couple of the runners knew what today is (Mom's 70th b-day) and they dedicated their runs to her. She is looking down from Heaven and enjoying the same scenery we are as we do what is best for us. Love and miss you very much Mom!! My girls will be home next weekend. I can't wait!!!!!!! :)