Saturday, May 30, 2009

Training Update

We're about six weeks out from El Scorcho. My training is getting better. After my long run tomorrow, I will be over 100 miles for the month for the first time since last year. Feeling better with my runs. Just trying to get my wind back. The weather is surely heating up here in Arkansas. Might have to start getting my runs in early in the morning, before work. Man, that is early!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Torch Run

Took part in the Arkansas Law Enforcement Torch Run today. Ten of us took part in it with State Troopers and Forrest City PD officers. Started at approximately 8;00AM at the trooper station in Forrest City. Everyone, except the few driving chase vehicles, started off together. Having a squad car escort, and a motorcycle cop riding with us was pretty cool. We started our way up highway 1. Several runners rotated in and out of the chase vehicles. We keep the torch moving at all times. Burns and I ended up running the whole way, which turned out to be 13.64 miles. We made it, as a team, in just over two hours. We rounded the corner and saw all the Special Olympians cheering us on as we came in as one big team. After we finished this leg of the run, we were told another group was coming in from Marion, AR to Wynne but, were running further with less runners. We loaded into the van and went to give them a hand with the remainder of there run. We all took turns running a mile at a time. When I took my turn, it seemed to turn into more like two miles. The guys in the van decided to get more than their monies worth out of me. Ha. It was all worth it as it was for a good cause, and I got in a decent long run in the middle of the week. Less than two months to go for El Scorcho!!