Sunday, March 18, 2012

So Many Goals, So Little Time

I started running marathons back in 2008. My first ever endurance race, over a half marathon, was the El Scorcho Dos. This was an ultra marathon. Yes, I skipped right over a normal marathon and went straight to an ultra consisting of 31 miles. I actually placed 28th overall in the male division for this race. I can remember saying to myself, "Crap! I'm gonna be last. Please don't let me be last." :) Yes, there were more than 28 runners. There were roughly 68 in the male division.

Since then, I have completed 11 more full marathons. My goal is to eventually run a marathon in all 50 states. As you can see by my map, I have a lot of ground to cover. Only having five states knocked out, the last 45 may be a challenge. Getting older, job responsibility getting higher, and money lacking, completion is looking bleak. But, one must never give up. And, if we survive December 21, 2012, it will be on! :)

Check back from time to time and see how the progress is going. Hoping to knock out OK and MO soon. And, depending on where the job takes me, there will be some new states falling as well. Eventually, we will start conquering the West Coast. My cousin wants me to take on the Goofy Challenge with him, at Disney World. That would knock out FL but, gotta save up some moola to cover that kind of race. Not to mention my girls would have to enjoy some time at the Magic Kingdom. :)

Follow me on this journey. Who knows, some of you may join me along the way. To date, I have run marathons with Tony Brake and Barrett Burns. Two of my followers. I hope to run more with them as they recover from various injuries. They both inspire me to run and push beyond the pain threshhold.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mucka Mania 5K/10K Race

Our running club is putting on its first race on June 9th, 2012. We are joining up with the Wynne, Arkansas Farm Fest and giving runners a challenge to run through some of the scenic areas of Wynne, take on some hills, and just enjoy the open air. Both races have a final hill that we have so lovingly named, "Gut Check Hill". It's not a long hill, just tall. The 5K race will allow for runners and walkers. The 10K course is strictly for runners as time will become a factor. Either course will challenge you. But, that's why we do what we do. To conquer more challenges. So, if you are looking for a challenge in June, come join the Muckas and run through some hills in Wynne. Afterwards, you can enjoy the Farm Fest in downtown Wynne. Registration is at:

Course info:
5K -
10K -

Come join the fun and meet some Muckas. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, time has flown by with the new job. Unfortunately I haven't been keeping up on here, as well as keeping up with my Dailymile friends. Time to catch up. :)

After my biggest mileage month, in January, I came back with my lowest total since last February. No worries. Still broke 100 miles. Opened March up with the Little Rock marathon. This marked my 12th marathon. Is it a bakers dozen since my first marathon was an ultra? Gotta love it. Now for the race review. We had 12 Muckas show up to run different races. Four of us, (Holly, Jerry, Kevin and myself), ran the full. Sherry, Brandon, Jody, Jeff, and Greg ran the half. Allison, Sarah, and Brad ran the 10K. The day started off with good weather. We were at about 40 degrees to start. We all fought our way into the corrals and found our places. Once the gun went off, it was like speed walking for the first quarter mile. Once everything started to thin out, it started getting easier to settle in. Holly and I stayed together for the first two miles. Unfortunately, I hydrated so much, I had to make an early pit stop. Holly kept rolling. I caught back up to her by the first water station. As we made our way under the bridge, it was her turn. I kept running.

As I was running back on the bridge, over the Arkansas River, I came across a wheel chair participant. If you have never run the Little Rock marathon, there are some killer hills along the full course. The wheel chair participants were doing the full, and rocking it! Amazing!!! I'd also like to say, Little Rock has some awesome fans out there! Supportive the entire way. As I passed the 6 mile mark, I got to see Occupy Little Rock. Not to offend anyone but, I thought hippies went out back in the 60's. Oh well, press on. Shortly after passing them, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Holly. She caught up. As we made our way through downtown and around to the Governor's mansion, the temps started to rise. Holly started to fall back. Normally, I would stay with her and try to motivate her but, I knew I was facing a rough trip up the hills myself. I wanted to push on through and try to stay under 4 hrs total. Once I passed the halfway point, I didnt see Holly anymore. I pressed on through the hills and made it the whole way, pulling ahead of the 4 hr pace group.

Around mile 18, it was a full on head wind! I had my phone with me and told Deb where I was on the course. She text back and told me Jerry was in trouble around mile 21. Asthma attack! I started looking for him but, at mile 20, I had to take a walk break because the winds were killing me! Oh yeah, just before that, I unofficially met Marathon Maniac, Dave Mari and his big Afro wig! Funny guy! At mile 23, I saw Kevin heading the other way. High fives exchanged, we pressed on in opposite directions. By this point, the wind and 60+ temps took their toll. Walk breaks were more frequent. At mole 26, I was running in and felt another tap on my shoulder. It was Jerry. I found him!!! Ok, he found me. :) We ran in together and crossed the finish line together. That was pretty cool running in with another Mucka.

After collecting the dinner plate sized medal and making our way out of the finish line chute, I was greeted with some awesome hugs and kisses from Deb and Amy! My finish time was 4:07:09. Not my fastest but, I'll gladly take it considering the conditions. Waited for Holly and Kevin to finish. Holly crossed with her Daughter, Bailey. Kevin beat the 5 1/2 hr mark. Even with his pit stop to have a few beers around mile 25. Great race by everyone. Tough course, tough conditions. Will do it again!