Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost Taper Time

With a 16-mile long run scheduled for Saturday, I look forward to it's completion as we start the wonderful 2-weeks of that lovely word all runners know as "tapering". This is where you cut back on your mileage to help give your body the much needed rest prior to running a marathon. I am meeting with some fellow Muckas to run the MidSouth marathon course to help better prepare ourselves for the race. Another great thing about having a marathon in your own backyard. :)

The taper couldn't start at a better time as I am in Denver next week for Hostage Negotiation training. My running tends to slow down while traveling. However, the taper mileage scheduled for next week is easily attainable while in Denver. Looking forward to the training, the runs in Denver, then getting back to my girls. When I return home, I'll be a week out from running my 10th marathon. I'm feeling good about my training so far. My speed has picked up greatly. I just hope my endurance is still there. I've been running with Deb quite a bit, during this training cycle, and she has stepped up on her game. She pushes me when I need it most.

In fact, she is joining us in Memphis, this Dec, to run the 5K. And let me tell you, she is going to smoke this race. I wish I was running it with her. I am so proud of her for doing this. Hoping she gets the bug. :) love my runs with her. Who knows, I may have to be her pit crew. :) Next thing you know, Amy will be joining us. A family affair.

Happy running everyone. Stay safe out there. Oh yeah, I finally took the plunge and joined the Marathon Maniacs. Looking forward to meeting more Maniacs.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Columbus Marathon

One year ago today, I set my PR at the Columbus Marathon. This was one awesome experience for me as I came back to run a big race in my home town. My girls, Deb and Amy, were with me. My Sister-in-law, Karen, was with them to cheer me on. I got to meet my Dailymile friend, Tony Brake and his wife Sherry. The big part was actually having my mom, dad and sister there to cheer me on as well. This was not my first marathon but, the first one they were able to see me run.

Since mom was in her motorized wheel chair, I thought it best they not come to the starting area. She would have issues getting through the 20,000 plus runners and spectators there. In fact, I thought it best that they wait forme at Schiller Park. This was a couple miles from their house and made it easier to navigate. As I made my way into Schiller Park, I didn't see them right away. Then, as I was coming up on an aid station, I saw my sister. I was almost in her face before she saw me. She had water in one hand, her phone in the other. She yelled, "There he is!" I gave her a sweaty hug. Then I saw dad hanging onto a pole and he high fived me. Then, there was mom. She didn't see me until I was in her face, hugging her. She almost fell out of her chair from surprise. I handed her my sweaty gloves, told her to hold onto them, and ran off, leaving her with a sweaty hug, gloves and a smile.

After the race, I went back to my sister-in-law's house to get cleaned up and rest. For dinner, the girls and I met up with my family at our favorite pizza place, Rubinos, in Bexley. Mom couldn't stop bragging about my race. You'd think I won the marathon. Far from it but, she was proud. Who knew this would be the last time my parents would see me race. My mom's health deteriorated to the point we lost her almost four months later. Dad went six months after mom. I will never forget th look of pride in my parents eyes after that race. That will always hold a special place in my heart. As I run each race, I dedicate them to my mom and dad, in hopes that I can continue to make them proud.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Close

Well, we are now officially four-weeks out from running MidSouth. Really looking forward to this race for several reasons. One, it's right here in the town we live in. Two, I am running this race to raise money for the Dana-Farber Foundation. Three, this will be my tenth marathon. Finally hitting double digits on the marathons.

Also, we have several Muckas running in this race as well. Joining me in the full marathon is my race partner from last year, Barrett Burns. Also, my race partner from the Tupelo Marathon, Holly Cook, who will be completing her second full marathon. Tim Haltiwanger will be joining us as well. Several Muckas are running the half. Jody Hodges, Sherry Rogers, Brandon Boger, Kevin Baxter and James Whitaker. James will be done before we hit the 10-mile mark. :)

This is going to be a great race. Just hoping the weather is close to what it was last year. Nice and cool and no wind. Loved it. Now if we can just get them to take out those darn hills. :) Happy running everyone. Stay safe.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Weather

Man, I am loving this cooler weather! Makes my runs seem so much better. The temps have been perfect. Deb and I have run three times this week and neither of us had any trouble. Deb seems to be getting faster. Not sure if it has anything to do with the weather or if she's just been holding out on me. Either way, she's rocking these runs. We ran today and the third mile with Deb was in the high 7s. I went on to run another three miles and my last mile was a 7:09. I would have been in the high 6s had I not been held up by traffic. I was feeling pretty good, which makes me feel real good considering we just ran a 20-miler on Friday.

Speaking of my 20-miler, I was actually a week ahead of schedule for that run. Can't believe I got off schedule like that. Oh well, just means I need to repeat the week. Who knows, might just use this as an experimental mileage week. Don't want to get to crazy because we are getting close to MidSouth. Want to be under 4 hours again. Last year's run was a 3:53 time. Just missed my PR by 19 seconds, which I had run in Columbus just three weeks prior. Tupelo was rough but, have had plenty of rest. Another reason to be under 4 hours is my Garmin watch shuts off at 4 hours. Need a new one. Maybe Santa will be nice to me. :)

Ready to get this racing season under way. Deb is looking at racing in her first 5K at St Jude. Really excited about that. She's going to rock that race!! :) Happy running everyone. Stay fit and safe!