Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Weather

Man, I am loving this cooler weather! Makes my runs seem so much better. The temps have been perfect. Deb and I have run three times this week and neither of us had any trouble. Deb seems to be getting faster. Not sure if it has anything to do with the weather or if she's just been holding out on me. Either way, she's rocking these runs. We ran today and the third mile with Deb was in the high 7s. I went on to run another three miles and my last mile was a 7:09. I would have been in the high 6s had I not been held up by traffic. I was feeling pretty good, which makes me feel real good considering we just ran a 20-miler on Friday.

Speaking of my 20-miler, I was actually a week ahead of schedule for that run. Can't believe I got off schedule like that. Oh well, just means I need to repeat the week. Who knows, might just use this as an experimental mileage week. Don't want to get to crazy because we are getting close to MidSouth. Want to be under 4 hours again. Last year's run was a 3:53 time. Just missed my PR by 19 seconds, which I had run in Columbus just three weeks prior. Tupelo was rough but, have had plenty of rest. Another reason to be under 4 hours is my Garmin watch shuts off at 4 hours. Need a new one. Maybe Santa will be nice to me. :)

Ready to get this racing season under way. Deb is looking at racing in her first 5K at St Jude. Really excited about that. She's going to rock that race!! :) Happy running everyone. Stay fit and safe!

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