Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Totals

Well, for me, this was my best month of running so far this year. I hit just over 110miles for the month. Two and a half weeks out from El Scorcho. I'm feeliing a little more confident going into it. Hit a 7-miler today with the first 1.5 miles on some big @$$ hills. The El Scorcho course is mostly flat, with one small hill around the two mile point. Had a short sprinkle of rain prior to my run. So, the humidity was up a little more. Which is good, as it helps me get ready for the July run. After El Scorcho, there will be no rest for the Running Crazy. Need to go straight into training for the Columbus Marathon, which takes place in October. Will keep you posted with results and pictures after we finish. Got my favorite pit crew going with me (Deb and Amy). Should be fun!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

20 miler

FINALLY!! I finished a 20 mile run on Sunday. kind of my own Father's Day gift to myself. Although I ran the whole thing on our treadmill, it gave me the confidence to know I can hit the long run goal. It was close to 100 degrees outside, with a heat index of 105. So, I'll take an inside run to that kind of humidity anyday. The temp in the exercise room was somewhat similar to an evening run in Texas. Just not as humid. Yes, i'm trying to justify my reasoning for running on the treadmill. :)

I did, however, get to watch quite a bit of Band of Brothers while I ran. So, now I am motivated to get into my run for El Scorcho. I did complete my run in 3 hrs 16 secs. So, I was able to better control my pace and get an idea of where I needed to be without burning myself out to quickly.

Feeling good and looking forward to my midnight run with our friends.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Four Weeks Out

Ok, we are four weeks out from El Scorcho now. Got in two good 8-mile runs this week. Between this week and next week's training, the decision to stick with the full ultra, or sink to the half, will be made. I'd like to stay with my original decision to run the full ultra. Don't want to keep making excuses and whimping out of my goals. Deb says she will support me in whatever decision I make but, it is a personal quest now. I need to stick with what I set out to do. I want to complete this and get my confidence backup. I have two more marathons planned for this year (Columbus and Wynne). After that, I want to work on a couple other marathons but, i want to throw some triathalons in there as well.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wynne Flat as a Pancake 5K

Ran the Wynne, Arkansas Flat as a Pancake 5K this morning. We survived all the rain storms, and tornadoes that came through on Friday. We were worried that the storms would cancel the race fro Saturday. But, it all held off so we could get it done. The race started at 8am. The humidity was growing as the we got closer to the start of the race. The start came and we were off. It was a relatively flat course. After the gun was fired, I started off in in a group out front. There was about six or seven of us. When we hit the first 1/2 mile, some of those fell back. I was running in third place. Hit the first mile in just under 7 minutes. But, that started to catch up with me. Around 1.6 miles, I was passed by two other runners. One male and one female. I kept them in sight for the rest of the race but, could never catch them. I held off the rest of the field and was able to finish fifth overall. I finished with a time of 23:04, a 7:27 pace. I'll take that. Tells me what I need to work on. And, it was the best I have ever placed, individually, in a race. I'm pleased but, want to do better next year. I will run it again when the time comes. Still working on El Scorcho Tres. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Long Run

Set out for a 20 miler this morning. The weather wasn't to bad at 7:30am. It was in the low 70s but, the humidity was sure there. Running in my new Saucony Triumph 6s, I was feeling pretty good for about the first seven miles. By that time, the humidity really started taking its toll. Coming back, I was out of water by my 14. I ended up getting just over 16 1/2 miles in before I had to call it quits for the day. Not sure if I am going to have that full ultra in me or not. I have one more 20 miler to run before then. We'll see how that goes and make a decision from there. Don't want to risk an injury before the Columbus Marathon.