Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Totals

Well, for me, this was my best month of running so far this year. I hit just over 110miles for the month. Two and a half weeks out from El Scorcho. I'm feeliing a little more confident going into it. Hit a 7-miler today with the first 1.5 miles on some big @$$ hills. The El Scorcho course is mostly flat, with one small hill around the two mile point. Had a short sprinkle of rain prior to my run. So, the humidity was up a little more. Which is good, as it helps me get ready for the July run. After El Scorcho, there will be no rest for the Running Crazy. Need to go straight into training for the Columbus Marathon, which takes place in October. Will keep you posted with results and pictures after we finish. Got my favorite pit crew going with me (Deb and Amy). Should be fun!!!

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