Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Halfer

Took advantage of the rest I got by not running during the week and turned in my longest run since running the Little Rock Marathon back in March. Not my fastest half marathon time but, it was a training run and not an actual race. Felt good to get it in even if it was on the treadmill. Not trying to kill myself in this Arknsas heat and humidity. Looking at the weather forecast, it is supposed to get back up over 100 degrees this week. And that is before the heat index is factored in. Wow!!! Looks like dragging my crusty butt out of bed early in the morning is the best option. Took my son, Josh, to the gym with me. He got in a good little workout as well. Hit some weights and some cardio. Then he started getting bored waiting on me. LOL! At least the olympics were on TV at the time. Kept us both interested. On a good note, the pain and tightness I was experiencing in my right leg was very minimal today. Just gotta keep on working on building up my mileage again. The half marathon is 2-months out. Been a while since I actually ran in a half marathon race. Really looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted on how my training is going. Stay safe everyone.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Alright, I have signed up for three more races this year, Not to mention a couple others I am looking at taking part in. However, my energy levels and motivation are kind of down. I need to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning, get out the door and start getting some quality road time in. Deb and Amy are in California for two weeks. I think I am going to try and take advantage of that by getting out there and getting it done. No worries about waking anyone but myself up. With that being said, I can't wait for them to get back home as well. Love my girls and hate being apart from them. Ran our Mucka Group Run this morning. Only four of showed. Ran with Jody Hodges, who is training for his first full marathon in November. We started off with 75 degrees and 90% humidity. Man, I cannot wait for cooler temps to come back around. Now, I mentioned having three races coming up. First one, for sure, is the Heart & Sole half marathon on Sept 29. This will take place in the heat and humidity of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Fortunately, I can train on the route once or twice before the race. Already have a buddy, from, coming in from Mississippi to run with us. Jody is supposed to sign up as well. Got a couple more Muckas interested in running it. Gotta reperesent. LOL! After all, I am the oldest Mucka signed up. Folling that race, we have the MidSouth marathon on the calendar for November. Funny thing is, after Mucka Mania, the MidSouth folks want us to take over their race. Now, putting on a 5K/10K race is one thing. Taking on a full and half marathon is a whole other ball of wax. We will help them this year and see what all it will take to put on this great race. Fortunately, it is already established and sponsors are intact. Volunteers are our biggest need. This is a Boston Qualifier now. Can't mess it up. After that, I am running the St Jude marathon for the third year in a row. Not to mention, I have Brandon Boger running this as his first full marathon. The bug is spreading and it is addictive. I wonder if they realize that? :) All in all, I am ready to get back in action. I have a trip to Denver in August but, I'm not going to let that slow me down. The elevation may get the best of me but, it better be ready for a fight. :) See you all next time. Stay safe and healthy.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Losing My Mind

Once again, I finally made it back to here. The constant issues at work have kept me busier than a Redneck in a barnyard full of sheep. However!!!!! I have officially started my marathon training for my 13th full marathon. This will take place in Wynne, Arkansas, at the MidSouth marathon. This will be my fourth running of MidSouth. One half and three fulls. This is a fast course. I BQ'd here last yere, by 19 seconds. Leading up to this race, I have a couple smaller races to contend with. Running the Heart & Sole half marathon on Sept 29. Also, looking at a 5K Mud Run in Jonesboro, Arkansas on Sept 8. The Muckas have teamed up with a local group to set up a 5K at Village Creek State Park on Oct 13. Gotta keep my race calendar full or I get out of whack on my training. With that being said, this heat and humidity are playing Hell with my training. Many of my runs are taking place on the treadmill. That really gets boring after so long. Not to mention, it gets easier to cheat on the treadmill. At least when you run outside, you run out so far. Then, you have to turn around and run back so you can get home. So, that makes better sense. :) Just ran with the Muckas last Saturday and was really enjoying our run when my work phone went off. Yes, I carry my work phone with me when I run. I'm the Captain, I have to. Back to the phone call. I let it go initially. I told Jody that the caller could leave a message. He laughed and said, "I guess if they call right back, you know something is up." I think he cursed me because that is exactly what happened. It rang again and I had to answer. Not to mention making a follow up call to the boss after taking the call from work. We set off again only to be stopped by the longest train in the world. We waited for a good 5-minutes before we could get across the tracks. Another half mile in and we saw an elderly woman broke down in her vehicle, in the middle of the road. Sooooo, we stopped and helped push her vehicle out of traffic. That was the longest 6-miles I think I ever ran. No matter what stands in your way of getting the run done, never give up. The run is a very rewarding experience and only helps you run the stress away. Keep smiling everyone.