Monday, February 15, 2010

Less Than Two Weeks

Ok, we're officially less than two weeks out from Cowtown now. Had a good two weeks worth of runs recently. Hit my last 20-miler on the 7th. Ran from the house to work. Of course, I wasn't about to run back. Deb and Amy came and picked me up. Good thing I got it know out that day because the next day we were snowed in. Hit a 12-miler yesterday. Now it is time to start tapering in preparation for the big run. Trying to shoot for under four hours this time. We'll be heading to Ft Worth on either Thursday or Friday. Looking forward to seeing our friends back there. Several of my SORT guys are running the 5K again this year. They'll be done and wearing out the Miller Lite truck way before I get back. Might have to carry them all home. LOL