Saturday, November 7, 2009


Ok, conquered the Mid South Half Marathon today. Started the race off with just over 50 degree weather. Wind was picking up as we left the starting line. As we got through the first mile, we came upon our first hill. It was a good sized hill. Cleared it with no issues. Then, after a short downhill, hit the BIG hill. All within a quarter mile of each other. About five miles into it, hit a third hill. It was about this time I realized the lady running next to me had no shoes on!!! That's right, running barefoot. AND, running the full marathon. She had a good pace going as well. Ok, hit the turn around point (this was an out and back course) and turned right into a strong headwind. Coming back into town, those three hills looming ahead, again, with a strong headwind the whole way. Well, I finished at 1:49 (an 8:24pace). Finished 40th overall, 4th in my division. I'll take it. Big confidence booster as I go into training for the Cowtown marathon in Feb.

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