Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Race to 4000

As my training for the Columbus Marathon continues, the miles build up. I am around 200 miles from achieving 4000 miles recorded since January 2007. I should be pretty close to that goal by the end of August. Pretty motivated for this milestone. Considering I was always the fat kid who hated to run.


BobR said...

As another fat kid who never liked to run, I'm coming up on my own milestone. (Sounds like were equal in the "anal about numbers" department). Next week I'll cross the 6000 mile mark since July of 2003. We're incredibly close since January 2007 though. I'll cross the 3800 mark on Sunday.

Keep it up! I'm proud of both of us.

Pat W. said...

That's awesome Bob, Before you know it, we'll be crossing 10,000. :)