Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Week

Here we are, one week from running MidSouth. This will make the fourth time I have run this race. Two full marathons and two halves. I had originally signed up to run the full again this year but, due to my leg issues, and lack of training, I reverted back to the half. I think this was the best decision as anything over 13 miles is starting to get the best of me right now. I ran with our running group this morning. The Muckas had eight runners show up. Three women and five men. The ladies ran eight miles. The guys turned in a 12 miler. My pace was a little faster than I thought I could run this distance. But, I'm not complaining. Well, maybe just a little. Around mile 11, my leg felt like it wasn't working right. Almost like I couldn't move it. But, I pushed on through for a decent run. I think, as time goes on, and I start back on the weights, this will go away. I need to get back to having well rounded workouts. Doing nothing but running has proven to not be the best choice right now. When we were living in Oklahoma, we had well rounded workouts. I felt better, the weight came off and stayed off, and my clothes fit a lot better. Not to mention the pain was gone. So, I am on a mission to get back to that level. Not to mention, while running one day, back in 2005, with my buddy Matt Mendez, I told him I did not want to get back to the condition I was in before I started running. Well, I need to stick to that promise I made to myself.
Now the promise and challenge have been made public. Time to make it happen. Come along for the ride.

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