Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Rock

Well, eight days after running the full marathon at Cowtown, three of my SORT Brothers and I took on the marathon relay challenge at Little Rock. Got there Saturday (3/6) and checked into our hotel in Crackville! Barrett, you are no longer in charge of hotel finding! LOL! Went to the expo and found my cousin, Bob. Haven't seen him in over 30 years. Funny, I remember him being a lot taller. :) It was great spending time with him and catching up a little. Well, we arrived at the marathon on Sunday. Brent ran the first leg (6.2 miles). I had the second leg (6.9 miles). After running the weekend before, I sure felt every step of this run. Got to the relay point and handed off to Barrett. He had the most grueling part of the run. 7.8 miles of nothing but uphill. Glad it was him and not me!! The last leg was Eric's part (5.3 miles) We finished with a time of 3 hrs and 39 mins. I'm told that is gun time so, we're still waiting on the official results. As it stands right now, we took first place in the Law Enforcement/Military division, and 15th out of 200 relay teams overall. Not bad for our first time running a marathon relay. We celebrated with a beer and lunch while hanging out with my cousin at the Flying Saucer right by the start line. The rest of the team seems to have the bug and want to return next year to defend our title. :) Next big race will be the Columbus Marathon in October. Going home for this one. It was awesome seeing my cousin out here and looking forward to actually running a full marathon with him. He's got me motivated to work on the 50 marathons in 50 states.

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