Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, I start my training for Columbus this week. Going to go with a 21-week plan this time. Been running a maitenance program since Cowtown. Now it's time to get back into training mode. I plan on being about 15 pounds lighter for this race. This will help carry me into the following months where I have two more marathons scheduled. Also, still eyeing that Mighty Mite Triathlon in July. Going to be a busy Summer.

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BobR said...

Good luck Pat. We're putting together our Chicago plan right now. Will probably go with a 16 week plan and get started in 3 weeks...we are on maintenance right now. I'll challenge you on the weight issue, I'd like to run Chicago 10 pounds lighter than I am right now (189). Check out that dailymile site if you can so we can track each other's training.