Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today's Run

Still feeling the effects of that long week at Ft Hood, I really didn't want to run today. That was until I got on Facebook and saw my cousin was knocking out the Pittsburgh Marathon for his 16 th state. So I got off my butt and knocked out a 6 miler. Felt good to get it done. Ready to really get back into it. Congrats on number 16 cuz. Hoping to have my fourth knocked out by the end of the year.

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BobR said...

Hey Pat,
I'm glad my Pittsburgh run could provide some motivation for you. It was an awesome run. Not nearly as hilly as I feared (especially after Little Rock). Got to see several cousins on the Pittsburgh side who I haven't seen in years. This running thing is getting me back in touch with family. Take care, and keep training. Remember, you're a lot younger than me, so you can knock off 50 before you're as old as I am. :-)