Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Closing in on 4000

I started logging my miles back in January 2007. Since then, I have stayed true to maintaining a record of all the miles I have put in. My times may not all be there but, the miles are. Currently, I am 300 miles away from breaking the 4000 mile mark. This just motivates me even more to continue with my running and to continue to see how far I can push my mileage. With Deb running with me, I am even more motivated. Looking forward to running more races with her. :)


BobR said...

It's VERY cool to have a spouse who participates with you. Gina and I love traveling to different places to run. Maybe we'll talk Deb into a marathon in the future?

Pat W. said...

I've tried. She'd prefer to walk one before run it. :) She's a power walker for sure. I do enjoy our runs together though. She has been giving me three miles one the runs which helps me greatly.