Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 3

After a hectic week at work, with Regional Staff coming in, I'm back at my training. Had back-to-back 6-mile tempo runs. Both runs felt great. Got another 6-miler scheduled for today, followed by an 11-miler tomorrow. Going to take it easy on these two runs to give my legs a little break. Haven't spent much time biking or swimming so, still uncertain as to the Mighty Mite this year. The way Deb is training though, I think she should do it. She's been killing her trainings. She'll knock out walk, run, and bike sessions all in one day. She's an animal. :) Can't wait to get back to Columbus and run. This will be an exciting homecoming for me. A lot of the family are planning to come out and watch the race. Gotta do well! :) Well, off for an easy 6-miler!

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