Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mid South Marathon

Ok, they say you can't go on to your next race until you've forgot about the last race. Well, after the experience I had in Columbus, it is hard to forget it. :) However, I am getting psyched for the race here in Wynne. We are two weeks out from this race and my recovery is coming along nicely. Deb is really helping me out with this by keeping my pace under control and, getting me out there to get my recovery runs in. It is nice having a race right here in my current hometown. No worries about a hotel, finding packet pick-up, and we're right around the corner from the start/finish line so we don't even have to drive there. And this year they are having a kids' marathon in which Amy is taking part in. She's doing great in her preparation for it as well. I'm very proud of her and can't wait to see how she does for her final 1.2 miles of the race. Deb is going to be there with her when she does it. The rest of us will already be off and running our races. This will be my second marathon in just under three weeks. So looking forward to doing this race with our Muckas Running Club members. :)

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