Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Run

Well, it didn't happen. I took the lazy way out that day and just sat around the house, enjoying family and the fireplace. Then I really enjoyed Deb's Christmas dinner. Very nice!! Needless to say, with all the Christmas goodies I had eaten, then the nice dinner, Sunday's long run was a necessity. So, a 12-miler was in order. Or so I thought. After I ran those 12, I was logging my miles down and looking at my training schedule and that's when it hit me. I'm a week ahead on my training schedule. DOH!! The 17-miler I ran last Sunday was supposed to happen this week. I guess running those three marathons, in consecutive months, kind of threw me off a bit. Oh well, I'll run the same schedule this week so I can be back on track.

Little Rock is less than three months away. Fund raising is currently at $111.20. 22%towards my goal of $500. If you know anyone who is interested in contributing to the fight against heart disease, please pass this link on to them. I could sure use more sponsors. :)

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