Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 1/2 Weeks

Here we are, 2 1/2 weeks out from running St Jude. Looks like we will have three Muckas running the full and around 5 - 10 running the 5K. Looking forward to having a great run as I try and build off my PR time at MidSouth. Recovery time, since MidSouth, has been pretty good. Times are good. Just dealing with a nagging pain in my right foot. Seems that whenever I pick up my pace and run under an 8-minute pace, it starts to hurt right on the top, above my arch. Not sure what I did but it all started during the MidSouth race. Now, this is the same foot I injured during the Jonesboro marathon, back in May. But, it wasn't really an issue while completing my training runs. I'm wondering if, by switching to Brooks, that had something to do with it. It seems that my right foot has been having issues ever since switching over. I did, however, switch back to Adidas. And, if Santa is nice to me, I will have some new Adidas for Christmas. :) Late for St Jude but, just in time for Little Rock. I do have a pair of Adidas that still have some life in the tread. Enough to get me through St Jude.

After getting my PR at MidSouth, I'm planning on helping Holly get her time under 4-hours. She came in at 4:09 at MidSouth and is determined to break that 4-hr goal. It always helps when you have someone running with you, to help push you along. Espcially when you start getting past the halfway point. We ran together for the first 16-miles of MidSouth before she started to fall behind. If I had stayed with her, I may have been able to push her. I've got my sub-4, now it's time to help others. :) I think she'll get it.

Now, on to our 5K folks. My Wife, Deb, is running the 5K this year. Now, she tells everyone she is not competitive. Let me tell you, that woman is a closet competitor. :) She has been training her butt of for this thing. She has been running with me and getting faster and faster. I keep telling her we'll run whatever pace she wants to go. She blames me for going too fast but, I'm following her pace. So, who's to blame?? LOL! I love the fact that she is doing this. She wants to "Do well" and by well, she means kick butt and have a great time. One of her most recent 5K training runs had her at a 8:18 pace. Smokin!! She is going to rock this race!!!

Post race reports to follow on Dec 4th. :)

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