Thursday, November 3, 2011

Almost Here

We are almost ready to toe that starting line here in Wynne, AR, for the 13th Annual MidSouth Marathon/Half Marathon. At 8:00 am, this Saturday, approximately 450 runners will take off at the sound of the starter pistol. This will be my third consecutive year running this race. One half and two full. This one seems a little more special. When I ran this race in 2009, there was an older gentleman running the full with his daughter. As he crossed the finish line, he collapsed. Suffering from a heart attack. The quick reaction of medical personnel saved this man's life. Two years later, he is back to thank those who saved his life and to run the course again. Amazing.

Everyone who runs has their own reasons in why they do so. Some run for health, some to celebrate an event and some just to remember. Me, I started running to lose weight. It turned into a challenge to see how far and fast I could go. Then, it turned into a race to help fight various illnesses. Currently, I am attempting to raise money in the fight against cancer. In this current race, I have managed to raise $400 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Research foundation. Although not much, it is a small contribution from those who have suffered the most. Friends and family who have been affected by this dreaded disease in one form or another.

As I complete my tenth marathon tomorrow, I will take another step forward in helping putting an end to cancer. Thank you to all who have supported me.

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