Friday, January 27, 2012

20 miles and a Day of Work

One more 20-miler in the books prior to running Little Rock. Funny how my co-workers think I'm nuts for running from home to work. I view it as an opportunity to help the environment for a day and not use gas to to get to work. Well, not gas in the truck. ;) The weather was pretty much perfect for this run. 39 degrees with 85% humidity. Started out at 4am, nice and dark outside, and quiet! That's the best way to run. Not seeing how far you have to go, or the elevation change, and just quiet. Once out on Highway 1, things changed. Of course, it was still dark out but, traffic picked up. And, with it being dark out, the oncoming traffic couldn't see a runner in a bright orange shirt (with reflective material) and they never got over. Thus, creating a potential game of dodging the huge semi truck. In case you're wondering, I survived. ;)

We are now 37 days away from running Little Rock and I am feeling strong and ready to go. When I ran this race last year, I was about two weeks removed from dealing with the loss of my Mom. When I run it this year, I will have dealt with the one year anniversary of her death. I miss her. But, I will use those emotions to help push me through my 12th marathon. Not only that but, I am on pace to actually run 200+ miles in a month for the first time ever. I am feeling stronger than ever with my running. My goals have changed along the way as well. I want to continue to push for every marathon I can run until I can't run anymore. However, I want to help others achieve their goals through running as well. Deb is considering running her first half marathon in November, right here in our hometown of Wynne, AR. This will be her first half marathon.

This is the part where I tell you how prooud I am of her and her fitness goals and achievements. Don't assume I am making lite of what she does. Deb rocks her workouts. I have many people tell me they admire what I do in my running achievements. However, Deb does so much more with her runs, walks and spins. She is amazing in everything she does. I have a friend who asks me how we are so happy together after so many years (16 years together, 14 married). I let them know, because we find ways to spend time with each other. I took on running to help lose weight back in 2005. It became an addiction to me. Deb saw that and decided to take on running as a way to have more time with me. How awesome is that? Now, that is love. :)

Ok, rambling is over. You guys keep moving. Keep the fitness goals going. Looking forward to running the 10th anniversary of the Little Rock marathon in March. Share your stories and races on here as well.

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