Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh The Humidity!

One would think the humidity wouldn't be so thick at 5:30 am. But, that one would be wrong. We set out for an early Saturday morning run and felt like the air was just holding us back. Thick and heavy on our lungs, making it hard to get your breathing pattern in sync. That's something very important when you run. Enough complaining though. It was still a great run. Deb and I talked the whole way. We talked about the race, the kitten she just rescued the other night, the ballgame we're going to tonight, and several other things. Gotta love it when you run with someone and you can carry on a conversation the whole way. That means a couple things. One, you're comfortable with the one you're running with. Two, you're running at a comfortable pace to allow you to carry on a conversation. I was told, several years back, you can tell how hard you're running by the ability to carry on a conversation. If you can't talk while you're running, you're pushing too hard (or racing). If you can carry on a conversation while you run, you're at a comfortable pace. If you can sing, you need to pick it up because you're just being lazy at that point. :) Off to work now. I'm the Duty Officer for the week so, I'm stuck working the weekend. Might try to sneak in another run during my lunch break since I missed out on the Mucka run this morning. Looking forward to spending the evening with my girls at the Memphis Redbirds ballgame tonight. First time we have gone to a baseball game together. Amy actually wants to hang out with her parents and watch the game. Family night! :)

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