Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heart & Sole Half

Here we are, 21 days away from running the Heart & Sole half marathon in Jonesboro, AR. I am really hopeful the temps will be at least similar to today's. We went out for our group run and enjoyed the 66 degree temps. The only thing that was tough about it was the 18 mph wind gusts. But, we powered through that wind for 8 solid miles. Trying to get two of my friends ready for their first full marathons. The four that ran together are definitely used to a faster pace for an 8 miler but, 26.2 miles is a lot further down the road. Gotta get them to settle down before they burn up all their energy and hit the wall in the race. I think they are starting to get it. :) I'm looking forward to the Heart & Sole as it will be my longest race since completing the Little Rock marathon back in March. Not only that, Deb will be running in the 5K race as well. She is doing an awesome job with her running and workouts. Getting stronger and stronger. Still trying to convince her to take on the half marathon at the MidSouth race in November. Hmmmmmm......... you never know. :) A change of scenery may be in the Wise Family future. Stay tuned and we'll keep you all posted.

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