Tuesday, August 5, 2008

American Heroes Memorial Day Run

The American Heroes Memorial Day run was established to help children who have lost a parent in the Gulf War. What better way to spend a day in which we recognize our fallen heroes. The race site was located just outside the Texas Rangers ballpark. They had Marine Corps humvees out there, decked out with a sweet stereo system. During the opening ceremonies, they had the honor guard post the colors. As a veteran, this is always an awesome thing to watch. The only bad thing about it was the people who continued to talk and show total disregard for this ceremony. The race included a 1-mile fun run for the kids, a 5K, and a 10K. Before the race started, we were treated to a fly over by an Apache helicopter. Now that was cool!! Well, the kids knocked out their race first. There were some very motivated youngsters out there. Next up was the 10K runners. As we waited to start the 10K, the Apache made their landing on the parking lot. Can you say good-bye to all the canopies!!! The gun sounded and we were off. The first mile came back around by the ballpark. The course was pretty nice until we hit that hill going over I-30. I was feeling good by the time I hit the top of that hill. Hit the halfway point at just over 21 minutes. Feeling good. The Scouts and JROTC kids were out in force handing out water. Made the turn around and was smacked in the face with a strong headwind. Can someone call ahead next time and have them turn off the wind???? Crossing back over I-30 (Yes, the same hill just from another direction), we started running into the 5K folks. So, I had plenty of company on my way to the finish line. Finish line in sight, I weaved around some of the 5K folks and heard from the stands, "There he is. There's Daddy!!" As I grabbed a bottle of water, I was met by Little Miss Amy with a big hug and a kiss. My finish time was 45:58. Placing 3rd in my age group. We waited for everyone to finish, hung out with our friends, and watched as the race directors presented a trip to Disney World to a family that had lost their Husband/Father in the war. No trip can take the place of their loved one but, maybe it will be something to help ease the pain for those young ones.

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