Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Marine Corps Mud Run DFW 2007

This is one of the most demanding, fun, exciting runs I have ever been involved in. This is a run, over a 10K course, with many many obstacles, and a ton of water and MUD!! We entered two 5-man teams in the Uniformed Division. SORT Black consisted of Reyna, L-Rod, Smitty, Jim Tanner, and myself. SORT Blue consisted of Paulie, Mighty Mouse Macias, Brad, D Mott, and G Watts. You start off the run wearing boots and bdu pants. Shirts are optional. By the time you get out of the first mud pit, you're wondering to yourself, "Am I really this heavy or did I just take on half of the Trinity River?" Even your fastest runners come to a crawl when going through these. Things went very well on this run, except for the constant scraping off of the mud. This isn't your typical mud. This is some thick, heavy, adding 30 pounds kind of mud. The goal is to figure out the easiest and fastest way to get through the obstacles and beat the rest of the teams back to the finish line. Ok, no one mentioned the hills of the levee being so high. They didn't have these hills when we ran this on Carswell JRB. Ok, made it through the hills, someone dug a HUGE hole in the ground and made it about 20 yards long. Then, with all the dirt they dug out of the hole, made hills for everyone to climb to get in and out of the pit. Well, to make a long story short, we made it through the obstacles, picking off other teams, one by one. Crossed the finish line, not knowing where we officially finished. Everyone went to the fire truck location and showered off. Ok, this race took place in Nov, it was cold enough running through the water and mud, now we're standing there and letting the fire dept water us down even more. Talk about being able to cut glass with some hard nipples!!! Everyone went back to their vehicles to get changed, then came back to enjoy some of the free beer (Did I mention Miller Lite was a sponsor??). As we came back, they had posted some unofficial results. SORT Black was in 1st place, and SORT Blue in 5th. Once it was all said and done, those to standings held true. We took the Uniformed Division!

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