Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Marine Corps Spring Mud Run 2008

WE'RE BACK!!!! After taking the Uniformed Division back in Nov of 2007, we decided to try our luck in the All Male Division and compete for some prize money. Well, it was very warm by the time we got started. I'm not making excuses here but, our youngest guy on the team is Baby Smitty. He is 25. The rest of us (Tanner, Reyna, Slaboda, and myself) are in our late 30s to early 40s. We're OLD!! Just ask my oldest Daughter, Kristin. Well, we were competing against the Texas A&M ROTC KIDS!! One of them told us he had just turned 18 the month before the race. Makes you just want to slap him don't it?? Well, we showed them that the old men can still hang tough. We didn't take first but, we did pull out a fifth place showing. The Pork Squad (as SORT Blue refers to themselves) did initially take first place in the Uniformed Division. The official results are still being sorted out and there is some confusion on the race time keepers part. However, Metroplex SORT still has the hardware in their trophy case. And we vow to continue to dominate for a bunch of old men!!! Can't wait for Nov to get here so we can do it all again!!!

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