Monday, August 17, 2009

Where have you ran?

I was thinking, there's a lot of talk about running the 50 marathons in all 50 states. I admire anyone who can do that. Me, i'm not so sure I'll ever reach that total. So, I am going to start keeping track of every state and country I have run in. So, let's see, so far I have run in two countries outside of the USA (Turkey and Panama), and 14 states (Ohio, California, Texas, NJ, Georgia, Mississippi, Tenn, Arkansas, Louisiana, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and now I can add Maryland). Not all have been races but, I have enojoyed my runs in all these area. Taking in the local sights as I run. Where all have you run?


BobR said...

Hi Cuz,

Two countries--US and Ireland; which makes it two continents too.
Marathons in California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Florida and New York. I'll get Indiana in 10 weeks, then probably Mississippi in January.
Keep running!

Anonymous said...

I have run in Germany, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Mexico (from the policia), and Mississippi. Now as far as the states go, I've run in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana (again, from the POlice), Oklahoma, California, and Florida. (I know Mississippi is supposedly a state but have you been there?