Saturday, August 14, 2010

Muckas Running Club

We had our first official Muckas Running Club Run/Walk today. Had eight people total, which is not bad for a first meeting. Seems like it is doing nothing but going in the right direction. In just about two-weeks time, our page on Facebook went from 15-members, to 87. Ethan and Holly Cook are involved now and are really energetic about the whole club. Ethan has already planned out a 5K race route, which we ran this morning, and is working on sponsors. We are in the process of coming up with a club logo and will be working on t-shirts as well. The nice thing about having the page on Facebook is we have club members all over the United States. Actually received an e-mail from one of our co-workers, in Houston, asking if he could start a chapter down there. Awesome!! I love it that folks realize the benefits of fitness, as well as having others to help achieve their fitness goals. The picture above is a possible winner for the club logo. Of course, it will have some alterations done to it. I believe Holly is going to give him a running outfit and some cool running shoes. Tell us what you think. And if you're on Facebook, look us up under Muckas Running Club. Possible website to follow.

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