Thursday, August 5, 2010


100 miles to go and counting until I reach 4000 since Jan 2007. The intense heat outside is really putting a damper on a lot of folks running throughout the nation. Our current temp is 95 with a heaat index of 111. While running the other day, Deb and I saw the local high school kids finishing up their football practice. I feel for them. These temps and being in those pads is not a good mix.

I started a running club page, on Facebook, called Muckas Running Club. Mainly family and friends who we know, who are involved in fitness one way or the other. Now, we're talking about making it an official club. Several of the members, here in the local area, want to really amp it up and start running/walking together. Pretty motivated about this as it helps bring folks together for a good, common goal. Getting fit. Just need to come up with a logo to put on the site and possibly t-shirts. :)

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