Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mental Status

What does it take to be a runner? Though not the fastest of runners, I do consider myself to be an endurance runner. The longest run I have completed was an ultra marathon consisting of 31 miles (there were some .000333 miles in there as well. This was the El Scorcho race in Ft Worth, Texas, which takes place in the Summer heat of July. It took me 5 hours and 29 minutes to complete this race. I would say that takes some endurance. I would also like to think it is a mental toughness as well. Others would just call it plain "Mental". Hence the picture for this posting.

I have heard many people make comments as to the pros and cons of being a runner. I've been told, "All that running is not good for your knees." Others say, "Unless someone is chasing me with a gun, I'm not about to run that far. And even then they'd be lucky to get me to go that far." These are just a few of the negative comments I've heard. To them I respond, "My knees are feeling much better now that I have been running and lost so much weight." And, "If someone were chasing me with a gun, they better hope I can't run and get mine too because it's on then!!" :)

I hear many compliments to being able to run and complete the distances I do run. I have completed 8 full marathons (this includes the ultra), 4 half marathons and numerous 10K and 5K races. Not to mention several Mud Runs. I am grateful for those compliments as they help keep me motivated. Even through some of the rougher times in life.

So, back to the title of this post. Mental status.....I guess in a sense, it takes someone with some strong mental will to maintain as a runner. It also takes someone witha mental imbalance to want to go out there, time and time again to put their body through the pain of completing so many miles. Another way to look at it is, running helps clear your mind of the daily stress put on you from the daily grind. All in all, in my mental opinion, running helps build you, mentally and physically. And in some cases, spiritually.

Stay safe everyone.

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