Monday, August 1, 2011


Ok, when the weather alert people on Facebook post a picture of the USA and the heat warnings, along with the words "JUST STAY INSIDE", it is hot!! Today's heaet index was 112 degrees, followed by a predicted 110 tomorrow. This heat thing is putting a damper on running outside. Treadmills are boring, yes, but I would much rather be bored, cooler, and get my runs in than attempt to make it through my runs alive, outside.

Last week, Barrett, Holly and I set off at 4:00 a.m., for a run from my house to work. That's a 20-miler folks. Water was depleted rather quickly on this run. With 94% humidity, this quickly turned into a sopping wet run. At one point, after the sun came up, we could follow Barrett by his wet footprints left on the road. I believe we all lost roughly 4 pounds each on this run.

One thing I learned, and learned the hard way, staying hydrated is extremely important. However, water is not the complete answer. I have learned that salt and electrolyte intake is just as vital when completing endurance runs. Now, I'm trying to explain a lot of this to Holly as we are running. This being her first 20 mile run. You see, Holly is training for her first full marathon, in which we will be running in Tupelo, MS on Sept 4th. Fortunately, this run starts at 5:00 a.m. Unfortunately, it will still be September. So, it will most likely still be very hot and humid. We also have several others, from the Muckas Running Club, running the 14.2 miler that day as well.

I'm hoping all our runners are preparing themselves by hydrating properly. Take advantage of the somewhat "cooler" temps in the early mornings. Avoid running in the open where the sun will beat down on you. Carry identification and a cell phone (wrap in plastic because again, I learned the hard way). You never know when you may have to call for help. Electrolytes and salt tabs seem to help me quite a bit.

Stay safe on your runs folks. Cooler temps are right around the corner. Fall will be here soon. :)

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