Friday, August 12, 2011

Early Morning Run

3:30 am, alarm goes off. 4:00 am, take off on my long run for the week. 20-miler from the house to work. Clear sky, full of stars and a full moon. Teamps were in the low 70s, which is a much welcome degree of temps with what we have been dealing with for well over a month now. Humidity was still at 97% but, tolerable. It took about four miles for my lower legs to loosen up. Once they did, it was smoothe sailing from there. Today's run was less stressful than my 20-miler two weeks ago. I'm guessing it had something to do with the temps, and getting a decent night's sleep. Legs felt fine after the run. Surprising as usually they feel like I can barely move them. Maybe I'm getting better, maybe I didn't push them as hard. I did come in five minutes faster this time so, I must have pushed a little harder.

While knocking out this early AM run, I saw three different shooting stars. That was really cool. Almost like I had my own fireworks show going on. And yes, I did make a wish on all three of them. One for personal reasons, two for someone else. Right now, we'll take all we can get with so many tragedies taking place all over.

With just three weeks to go until the Muckas invade Tupelo, I'm feeling good about this race. I feel like a possible new PR taking place. Keeping my fingers crossed that my training will pay off, and my legs stay injury free. I know my right calf keeps trying to cramp up on me. I'm fighting back with bananas, salt and water. I think I'm winning. :)

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