Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends in Need

Times are hard all around. However, we all have a friend on here who has had more than his share of rough times this year. Many of you know Peter Arborgast out of Central Ohio. Here is a blog post and the link to an event benefiting Peter's wife, Deb. If you can't attend the event, please go to the web page and help out.

Attention Central Ohio Runners! Please consider running the Deb Arbogast 5k race in Marysville, OH on Oct. 29th, 2011. The race is in honor of Daily Miler, Peter Arbogast's wife, who is facing her second bout with breast cancer. You can read Deb's personal story and register for the race at The Deb Arbogast - Outrun Breast Cancer 5k. Costumes are encouraged & there is also a kid's race. Here's your chance to meet up with lots of fellow Daily Milers in Buckeye State while showing your support!

Taken from the blog: http://techandtraining.blogspot.com/2011/09/appeal-to-all-runners-who-live-in.html

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