Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Month

Just one month. That's all it has been since I watched my Dad pass away. Since that time, I have run a marathon in Tupelo, MS, attended training in Dallas, TX, and trained Disturbance Control Teams in Ft Sill, OK. My training has been thrown off. My time with my family h as been limited. It is official, the year of 2011 officially sucks! I have lost both parents in a 6-month timeframe. I feel as if I have no energy right now. I feel like I have neglected my family and have felt nothing but sorry for myself. My youngest daughter keeps asking why I'm gone so much. What can I tell her other than Daddy has a job to do. I'm getting to the point where I should have been a long time ago. Family first. That's been neglected for to long.

I run marathons to raise money for charity. Time to do something for my girls who have always been there for me. They say time heals all winds yet, I can't get past the fact my parents are gone and I played a major part in that. I was responsible for the decisions in both DNRs. My family supports me but, I can't get past the fact I made the decision and neither are here now. How do you deal with that??? If someone knows the way to get past it, please let me know.

Like I said though, I have my girls and they support me. That, coupled with my running, may be my saving grace because this is truly taking it's toll on me.

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