Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mucka Mania Training Run

As we draw closer to our first ever Mucka Mania, our group met up for another training run on the 10K route. We had 8 Muckas show. I ran the course with Deb today. Her regular running partner, Sherry, is out on injured reserve for a bit. Always enjoy running with Deb. She helps keep me under control on these runs. :)

Temps were perfect today as we started off in the upper 40's. Would love for those kind of temps when we run Mucka Mania on June 9. Which, by the way, will be my 44th b-day. I sure hope the race directors will give me bib #44. :) Fortunately, I have some connections. LOL! The race participant numbers are starting to grow. Hopefully it will continue to grow.

Back to the training run. Fortunately, at least half our course is shaded. Running up 64B seems to be the busiest part of our run. Not to mention a long steady uphill. Making that left on Airpark would give you the false impression you're going to get off that hill but, WRONG! There's still another 1/10 of a mile uphill. Pass through Cogbill Cemetery and enjoy a nice downhill on the other side. Beautiful homes in this quiet neighborhood. Just as you start to enjoy the serenity of the pond to the right, you take on another hill. It's small and quick. ANother gradual downhill before you come around a curve and take on a larger hill. But, what goes up, must go downhill on the other side. Gotta be careful on this downhill as you cross Killough. 1/4 mile down, right turn twice then 1/4 mile up Bridges. This turns into Peterson Road, better known as Rabbit Road due to the up and down. Once you take on the last hill (Gut Check Hill), the hard part is over. Steep downhill and then turn right and it's a sprint to the finish.

Great training run with some great friends. Come join us on June 9th and meet all the local Muckas, and take on a great course.

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