Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7th Marathon

With the Little Rock marathon right around the corner, I'm getting a little anxious. This will be my 7th marathon. They say 7 is the lucky number. Now, with knowing what hills lurk ahead, I am not planning on a new personal record. But, I do plan on enjoying this race. Spending the weekend in Little Rock with my Pit Crew (Deb and Amy), and several other Muckas. Should be a great time. Hoping to have some new pics, and possibly some video to add to the results post.

Just checked my training log and realized I am 240 miles away from breaking the 5000 mile mark. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was breaking 4000. WIth my upcoming race in Little Rock, and the weather getting a little warmer, I'm going to concentrate on breaking that mark before the middle of April. Was hoping to run the Andrew Jackson Marathon with my buddies, Barrett and Todd. But, not looking to good right now. However, I have a great running partner who really motivates me on my runs. That would be my hot wife, Deb. :)

Happy running everyone. 5000 miles coming right up.

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