Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost Time

Exactly two weeks to go before Little Rock. Hoping I'm ready. My training has been off over the last month. Of course, with good reason. I think I tried to jump back into it too quickly. My legs are really sore right now. I took today off, skipping my 12-miler. I only completed one 20-miler during this training.

Little Rock is dedicated to my Mom. I originally signed up to run this race for the American Heart Association. I picked this charity due to my Mom's battle with heart disease. Also, the loss of others to this disease. Some of my friends have lost loved ones to this. My Mom fought the good fight but, was unable to win. This will be for her. I usually have a goal for time. My goal is to finish. I have raised more than my goal of $500 for the charity. Now I need to focus on honoring my Mom. She was so proud of me when I came home to run Columbus. This time, she will be running with me in Little Rock.

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