Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brrr, it's cold in Ohio!!

Well, we've been in Ohio for almost a week now. I've been able to get in a couple runs, in between spending time with Mom at the Hospice Center. The first run was ok except for the ice on the hill. It was a little slippery going up the hill but, more challenging coming back down the hill. I was able to get in 6.2 miles on this run. Met several friendly people along the way, and one very friendly Border Collie. The next run was in 20 degree weather, coupled with snow and ice. By the time I finished this run, my legs were completely numb. I think I'll include my thermal underwear on tomorrow's run. The snow was fun to run in. However, when it landed on my eyelashes, it didn't melt. So, I had to keep wiping it away. This run was a little more challenging. Mainly because the dog I met on this run was very protective of his yard. No matter how far in the street I stayed, he kept his barking guard up. He stayed in the yard and I stayed in the street until I got past his yard. Hey, I respect your protectiveness big boy. :) By the time I finished my run, my feet and legs were numb. As soon as I went in the house, my legs started to itch really bad. I think the ice bath notion went out the window very quickly!! Hot shower was on the menu and quickly served.

I think I will try to convince Deb to get me some coldgear from Under Armour. Maybe it can be an early b-day present. About four months early. :) Stay warm, and stay healthy everyone. February is National Heart Month. If you can't think of a good reason to exercise for yourself, think about those who would be devistated if you were no longer in their lives.

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