Monday, January 31, 2011

My Mom

How does one handle knowing a loved one only has days to live? I just received a phone call from my family in Ohio. My Mom has been in the hospital since Dec 18, 2010, due to a MRSA infection. This infection eroded her pacemaker and defibulator, then spread into her bloodstream. The doctors believed they had been able to kill off the infection. The pacemaker and defibulator had been replaced, however, Mom's health wasn't getting any better. She pretty much went into a comatose state and had dillerium. I went back to Ohio and spent almost two weeks there. Mom never really came out of this other than one time where she told each of us that she loved us. Other than that, she was in considerable pain. She would fall asleep for a couple minutes, then wake up screaming in pain. The doctors conferred and came to the conclusion that a medically induced coma might be the answer. They tried this for a few days and then tried to bring Mom out of it. As she was coming out of it, the pain seemed to be worse. According to the doctors, her kidneys have failed, her liver is enlarged, her gall bladder has failed, and her body is no longer taking in nourishment.

So, they are currently meeting with my Dad and Sister to discuss hospice. I've been told, minus a miracle, Mom's expectancy is at most a week. So, I ask again, how does one handle that? I'm proud to be a Momma's Boy. Buckeye football season was always cool because everytime the Bucks would score, it was a race to see who could call and yell Touchdown Buckeyes first. No matter what was going on in our lives, Mom always made certain we were in contact. She did whatever she could for her family. She was one of my best friends. I'm going to miss that very much.

I love you Mom. We will see you again.

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