Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Olentangy River Trail

Got another run in on the paved trail in Worthington, Ohio. It was 35 degrees and raining out but, I still got it in. Was only supposed to be a 5-miler but, my Garmin started acting up on me and I went out a little further than needed so, I got in a 6-miler. My Garmin went from my pace and mileage to date and time to compass and then froze. Not sure if it was the rain causing it but, it was frustrating. Once I finally got it back to my pace and mileage, I was happy. :) Well, like I said, it was raining today. I thought I would be the only nut running in this weather. Fortunately, there were a couple other nuts out there as well. That way I knew I was semi-normal. Now, when I was coming back, a guy came out of the woods kind of quick. And he wasn't dressed for a run. Kept me looking over my shoulder as I continued my run. He almost had that Charlie Manson look about him. All I know is he would be in for one hell of a fight had he got squirrely!! And speaking of squrrels, there were several out there. And that made me the most nervous as they were looking for nuts. And dammit, I'm not going down without a fight!! :)

Well, Mom is still in the hospital. She has been through a lot. She had a surgery today to put some lines in for her dialysis and antibiotics. She's sleeping right now. FINALLY!!! She has not been able to get any sleep for a while now. She sleeps for a minute, then wakes up in pain and screaming. Talk about feeling helpless. Hoping things will start to get better soon. Thanks to all my friends and family for the prayers.

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