Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long Run Day

This heat wave has got to stop. :) I want to enjoy my runs in cooler weather. Started today's run at about 61 degrees and humid. Deb ran with me for the first 3-miles. She's helping me loosen up over the first couple miles so I can turn it on a little better during my runs. Not to mention, help avoid cramping in my calves. Once we hit the 3-mile mark, Deb peeled off and I continued on, running through Mucka Alley and the neighborhood. Coming down Lemons, about 7-miles into it, I came across fellow Mucka, Brandon. He was about 6.5-miles into his run. Told him I had another 13 to go and asked if he wanted to join the fun. He said he would but not for the whole 13. We made another lap through Mucka Alley and then headed out to Highway 64. The thing about Highway 64 is it seems like it is uphill no matter which way you attack it. But, with Little Rock just over a month away, I need to make sure I'm ready for those hills. Brandon peeled off at about 11-miles and I continuned on with the hills. Just about the time I crested the first hill, I started thinking, "Was this really a good idea?" Well, now that it is over, I'm glad I did it. I didn't set any land speed records on this run but, I did accomplish my long run, 20-miles, completed my long week, 50-miles, and got some hill training to boot. I'd say it was a positive outcome. Really glad I have Deb helping me get my routine down.

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