Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning Run

Woke up just before my alarm went off at 4:00 am. Tried not to wake Deb up as I got dressed for my run. Of course, I'm not the quietest person. I may have said it before but, I'd like to say it again, I do not like running after work. I tried to get a 9-miler in last night and it just wasn't happening. After 6-miles, I had to call it quits. So, I am determined to get up and run before work. Hence the 4:00 am alarm. It was 40 degrees outside when I started. Little to no wind initially. Set out wearing my shorts and bright orange Saucony long sleeve shirt. Oh yeah, had my BUCKEYE beanie on as well.

And speaking of the Buckeyes, that was one hell of a Sugar Bowl. No disrespect to the Razorbacks but, it was a long time coming. And with me living in Arkansas right now, I bit my tongue quit a bit leading up to this game. I watched it from the opening kickoff to the final taking of the knee. It was one of those games where you couldn't miss a second of it because you never knew which way it was going to go. Great game Buckeyes!!!

Ok, back to my run. My goal was to be under a 9-minute pace. My legs felt tired but, I had plenty in me to get it all done. As I was running through one neighborhood, I think I startled two guys standing outside, waiting for a ride. Must have been construction workers because I don't know to many other trades that involve that early of a start to their work day. As I completed my first loop around the area, I was going back up the incline on Killough when I saw someone running right at me. Here I thought I was the only nut out running that early in the morning. We passed each other. I said "Hi" but, not so sure they heard me. About another half mile into the run, I saw someone with a turn signal flashing on their butt. It was another runner. Don't know if that person realized I was behind them because I think I startled them when I passed by. :) Well, finished up my run at an 8:23 pace, which was good for me considering the bad run I had the night before. Going to stick with these early morning runs. :)

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