Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running with a purpose

I've mentioned it in past postings on here but, I want to say it again. There are many runners throughout the world. Everyone runs for their own reasons. Some run for fitness, some run to lose weight, some run because it is a requirement for their job, and some are just addicted to it. :) I first started getting serious about running because of where I work and the fact I needed to lose weight. Then, friends inroduced me to running various races. Running 5Ks and 10Ks were the extent of my distance running. When we moved to Texas, I took it to the next level and took on my first half marathon at the Cowtown race in Ft Worth, TX. Then, of course, I went even further and took on an ultramarathon. Thinking back, maybe I should have tried a regular marthon before going for the ultra. Oh well, it was a great experience and I'm glad I did it. Now, I am addicted to running marathons. Even though, during each race, I continue to tell myself this will be the last time I run a marathon. :) Once I finish, I'm ready to get through my recovery time and move on to the next race. My last marathon was the St Jude marathon, back in Dec. I am Jonesing for my next race. However, this race has a whole new meaning to it. After seeing how much runners help with fund raising for various causes (St Jude's, Team In Training, etc), I have decided to dedicate my running to helping raise money for worthy causes. And right now, I have chose the American Heart Association. It may be for selfish reasons due to the fact my Mother is going through such hard times with her heart condition but, I want to help make a difference. Mom is fighting hard to stay alive right now. She has been in the Ohio State University Heart Hospital in Columbus, Ohio since Dec 18th, 2010. She has endured to surgeries around her heart during this time and is touch and go. I thank God that she is still with us and thank the staff at OSU for taking such great care of my Mom. So, not only do I run for my own health but, I run for my Mom, and all others who suffer from heart disease.

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