Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've had three runs since returning home last Friday. My first run didn't go so well. I ran 6-miles and struggled through it. My legs had issues. Couldn't get loose at all. Finished it and just wasn't pleased at all. Then, on Sunday, I set out with Deb and Sherry. We ran together for 3-miles. This was what I needed. They kept me at a steady pace that allowed me to loosen up just right. After they peeled off, at the 3-mile mark, I set out to finish my 12-miles total. I ran many hills during this run. One thing for sure, the Little Rock Marathon is known for the largest finishers medal in the US. It is also known for some big a$$ hills. Funny thing is, when I ran the hills, my legs felt better. I blew through most of the hills with no problems. That gave me a boost of confidence. :)

This morning I was on the road bright and early. Started out with a light drizzle going on. This turned into a sprinkle about 2-miles in. At the 3.75 mile mark, it turned to rain. And, at 39 degrees, this was cold rain. Made it home before I got to wet. Nice run to get my day started. However, coming out of the shower and seeing Deb still nice and cozy in our warm bed really had me wanting to climb back in. However, work was calling and I've been gone from work long enough.

I saw a quote on the Marine Corps Marathon website that I really like and completely believe in. It said, "It's not whether you have the strength to win the race but, whether you have the courage to start."

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