Friday, June 17, 2011


Alright already!! Only half way through June and I'm ready for Summer to be over. This heat and humidity are putting a huge damper on outside activities. It is definitely true, you can't expect to run the same pace in the heat as you would in cooler weather. Dehydration and exhaustion set in quicker. I've tried running inside to help get the miles but, stay in a more climate controlled area. Well, that hasn't been working out to well. The air conditioning in our gym has not beenworking for several months now. In fact, it is probably hotter in the gym than outside. The only difference is no sun beating down on me.

So, why run inside you may ask. I figure, if I fall out, at least there will be someone there to help me as opposed to falling out on the road. The coyotes might get me then. My plan is to start getting my butt out bed earlier in the morning, and running outside. I need to quit being lazy and get out there and do it. I used to do it in Texas. Need to suck it up, man up, and get out on that road again. Our race in Tupelo is drawing near and I want to do well. This race has a 5am start. This is great since this will be the first weekend in September. Really excited about this race. Several Muckas will be running with me that day. Loving the fact our group travels well together. Not to mention my awesome pit crew will be there.

Well, I hope you all are getting your workouts in with no issues. Stay hydrated my friends.

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