Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mucka Run

Had a great run today with the Muckas. We moved our start time up to 7am, as opposed to the 7:30am start we had been doing. This was an attempt to beat the heat and humidity. But, come on, we live in Arkansas. We should know better than this. Yeah, it was a little less warm and humid but, not much. Oh well, comes with the territory. Just heed the advice of staying hydrated and you should be fine. :)

We had six Muckas show up this morning. Brandon, Deb, Donna, Holly, Sherry and myself. After a quick stretch and several discussions on what route to take today, Deb and Sherry started us off. Impatient I tell ya. LOL! Brandon quickly shot out in front. Holly and I were a few steps behind him. Deb and Sherry stuck together, follwed by Donna. I caught up to Brandon and asked him, "Feeling fast today?". He smiled and nodded. We completed the first mile in 7:58. Then we started getting into the hills and the pace slowed slightly. Not to mention the heat was climbing.

Holly disappeared on her own route, as she was running 6 miles today. Deb, Sherry and Donna ran Mucka Alley. Deb and Sherry are getting faster with each run. They compliment each other very well on their runs. Donna is just getting back with the group and still running strong.

So looking forward to the Tupelo Marathon. Several Muckas are already signed up. This promises to be a good time for the Muckas. Happy running everyone. Stay safe and stay hydrated. The Heat Miser is upon us.

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